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Our Services

N. W. Martin & Brothers, Incorporated has a team of project management experts that oversee every aspect of the roofing process. When we begin any project, our Estimator conducts an estimate of your space and assembles a proposal and contract designed specifically for your roof. This allows our team and the client to understand the scope of the project before any construction begins.

After this stage, our Office Manager and Project Managers communicate with the client to provide updates, estimates, durations, deliveries and more throughout the entirety of the project. Once the project is completed, we provide final inspections and warranties to ensure that your new roof is perfectly installed.

New Construction

For new construction buildings, we partner closely with architects to determine the exact specifications and materials needed. This allows us to have a thorough understanding of the vision for the project and implement it with efficiency and excellence.

Tear-Off and Re-Roof

When we partner with clients who need a new roof on an existing building, we are equipped to tear off the old roof and install a new roof. In these situations, we evaluate the current structure and develop the best and most efficient solution for your specific building.  


If you do not need an entirely new roof but are having issues with your current one, we are also able to assist you by repairing the existing roof. We have our own metal shop, which allows us to manufacture repair pieces and roofing accessories specifically designed for your roof. By being able to fabricate these products ourselves, we are able to provide major savings to our clients since we do not have to outsource manufacturing.

We work with clients across all commercial industries, including schools, government buildings, churches, medical buildings, and universities and more. Our process is tailored to each of our clients, and our team of roofing and project management experts ensures successful design and installation of your new roof. To learn more about our services or to inquire about a project, feel free to call 804-648-2811 contact us today at info@nwmartin.com.