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Every roofing project is unique, and our vast experience in commercial roofing provides us with the expertise to choose the right materials and methods for your new roof.

Types of Roofing Materials 

When we work on commercial roofs, we can offer virtually any type of roofing materials needed, including flat roofs, sheet metal, slate, shingle and tile roofs. We partner closely with the architect of the project as they determine the materials to include in the design. Each material offers distinct uses and provides different functionality and benefits specific to each project. Because of our experience and history of excellence, we have determined the best manufacturers to source roofing materials from for our installations. This gives our clients confidence when they hire us that they are receiving the highest quality roof possible.

Hybrid Roofs

One of our specialties is hybrid roofs that require multiple types of materials. Whether it is an aesthetic choice or required by the structural design, we can marry various materials into a single roof with expert manufacturing and installation. Hybrid roofs can be extremely complicated, but because of our experience, we have the knowledge and understanding to execute them flawlessly.

Metal Shop

When our clients hire N. W. Martin & Brothers, Incorporated, one of the biggest advantages they receive is the benefit of our metal shop. We are able to manufacture metal roofing materials and accessories ourselves, which provides major savings within our client’s overall budget. This is a unique asset for our company within the Greater Richmond commercial roofing industry, and is directly correlated with the efficiency, quality and budgeting for each project.

We are open to the public, we can fabricate many types of your roofing metal needs If you have questions about specific roofing designs, contact us today.

If you have questions about specific differences between roofing materials or how a hybrid roof could benefit your commercial space, contact us today. We are interested in discussing your project with you to further explain the unique benefits of hiring N. W. Martin & Brothers, Incorporated for your new commercial roof.